Mountain Trails in Kimberly, ID

If you’re looking for a place to ski in Kimberly, ID, look no further than Magic Mountain Ski Resort. We know there are plenty of mountains in the region, which is why we’ve worked hard to make ours a can’t-miss destination for individuals and families seeking a great time. We provide a safe, exciting, affordable experience.

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You’ll be able to see Magic Mountain in the distance long before you reach us—and as you get closer, you’ll be able to feel the excitement building inside you! Our mountain is a mammoth and the perfect place to spend a winter day:

  • Base Elevation: 6,500ft
  • Summit Elevation: 7,240ft
  • Vertical Drop: 740ft
  • Skiable Area: 120 acres
  • Annual Snowfall: 230 Inches
  • Number Of Lifts: 3
  • Number Of Trails: 11
  • Longest Run: 5,200ft

Novice Trails

If you’re new, it’s best to start small and simple. We have two trails dedicated to beginners that offer a straightforward run at a low grade. It’s the best way to get your footing in a new hobby! We even encourage experts to hit the novice trails to brush up on their skills after a long offseason.

  • Little Dipper
  • Spell

Intermediate Trails

Feeling confident in your abilities? Hit one of our five intermediate trails and experience the thrill of a bigger challenge. Our intermediate trails have a steeper grade and some bending slopes, great for people who want a scenic experience as they speed down Magic Mountain.

  • Big Dipper
  • Magic Bowl
  • Merlin
  • Mystery
  • Potion

Advanced Trails

Think you’ve got what it takes to tackle Magic Mountain’s advanced trails? These trails are for experts only, who have total confidence in their skills and control over their downhill experience. Our four advanced trails feature a steep grade and plenty of twists that make for a thrilling experience all the way down!

  • Abracadabra
  • Broom Stick
  • Cauldron
  • Witch

Hit the Trails

No matter your experience level or how often you shred the slopes, Magic Mountain has a trail that’s right for you. Come and experience all of them! For more information about our different trails or our snowboard and ski rentals, please contact us and call 208-736-7669.

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